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How To Close More Deals During COVID

Going into 2020, nobody could have expected the year to turn out the way it has. COVID19 has turned the world upside down. It has affected countless people, societies and industries. COVID has put many industries on pause for a few months, including Real Estate. As things are slowly opening back up, real estate agents are need to find new and innovative ways to close deals in these trying times. Some real estate agents have been using one particular strategy to get ahead of the competition: 3D Tours. This feature, which is available on sites like Zillow and StreetEasy, allows agents to show their listing to potential clients through a contactless, virtual tour.

3D Tours Real Estate

A Safe Alternative to Traditional Showings

Since the real estate market has been on pause for a few months, there is currently a lot of built-up demand as listings are finally being put on the market. However, both buyers and sellers are weary due to the dangers of COVID. Open houses are rare, and many people are still scared to leave their homes unnecessarily. Home owners are motivated to sell, but do not want many strangers visiting. Luckily, 3D Tours are a safe and modern solution to this issue.

By adding a 3D Tour to their listing on Zillow or StreetEasy, agents are able to show all of the details and features of the house in a contactless way. The 3D Tour is an immersive experience, which makes the potential buyer feel like they are actually inside of the home.

A Competitive Advantage

Not only are 3D Tours safe, they also help real estate agents stand out from the competition. Currently, Zillow and StreetEasy are heavily promoting this feature. On both sites, one of the main filter options is “3D Tour”, which only shows listings that have a 3D Tour included.

3D Tours StreetEasy

StreetEasy is Promoting Virtual Viewing

At the time we are writing this article only about 1% of listings in the USA include a 3D Tour. If you add a 3D Tour to your next listing, you’ll really stand out amongst the crowd.

Other Benefits of 3D Tours

There is proof that 3D Tour will increase views on your listing, and help you sell faster. According to Zillow, adding 3D Tour to your listing will help you get twice the amount of page views. One obvious benefit of this is that your listing will probably sell faster. Furthermore, more views can mean multiple offers, which will drive up the final price you sell at. Here are some other important benefits:

  • Optimize Your Schedule: 3D tours help you minimize the amount of showing you need to schedule. This can help increase your free time, and only show the listing to highly interested clients. A virtual tour gives potential buyers a good feel for the floor plan and layout of the home.
  • Attract out-of-town buyers: Showing your listing through a virtual tour is helpful in attracting out-of-town and international buyers. They can make quicker, better, more informed decisions without needing to travel for a house that might not pan out.
  • Fewer Window Shoppers: When curious neighbors or other nearby sellers can check out your home online, they may be less inclined to schedule a showing or stop by your open house when they have no intention of making an actual offer.

How Nest Visuals Can Help

We started Nest Visuals as a real estate marketing company, which helps real estate agents optimize their listings and get homes sold fast. One of our specialities is providing high quality, professional 3D Tours in the New York City area. If you are interested in taking your listing to the next level, please Contact Us to schedule a 3D Tour at a competitive price.